The next Umrah trip details will be issued soon.

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A Sneak Preview of What You Can Expect

Here is a short video of the last trip we took, please watch and you will see what you can come to expect when travelling with revival tours. Prepare for 2015 with a revival in your eman, prepare for 2015 with Revival Tours.

A Journey of A Lifetime With Some of Your Favorite Teachers.

Join mashaikh from across the world on this journey of a lifetime which will bring together, Umrah, exclusive classes in the lives of the Sahaba, in the very places they lived with unprecedented excusions.


Five Star Accommodation at the doors of the haramein.

Enjoy the luxurious accommodation we have arranged as you are a guest of Allah in his holy land.


This is a not for profit program with all profits donated to Mercy Mission World; a global community development think tank working to deliver the vision of the final messenger, upon whom be peace